You Have the Right

  • To be you.
  • To put yourself first.
  • To be safe.
  • To love and be loved.
  • To be treated with respect.
  • To be human—not perfect.
  • To be angry.
  • To protest if you are treated unfairly or abusively.
  • To your own privacy.
  • To have your own opinions, to express them, and to be taken seriously.
  • To earn and control your own money.
  • To ask questions about anything that affects your life.
  • To make decisions that affect you.
  • To grow and change (and that includes changing your mind).
  • To say no.
  • To make mistakes.
  • To be free from blame for other adult’s problems.
  • To control your own life and to change it if you are not happy with it as it is.

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