8 Common Myths About Domestic Violence-Part 3

#4: Victims Usually Provoke Violence
It doesn’t matter if a family member or spouse provokes or arouses someone else to anger, violence is never acceptable. There is never an excuse or a situation where it is justifiable to hurt or verbally abuse another person.

#5: Violence Usually Only Happens to People of Lower Income
It is true that people who live within a lower-income community, or families that struggle with substance abuse, are more likely to find themselves surrounded by some form of violence. That’s because these tough situations can be extremely stressful.
That’s not to say that there aren’t good people that can survive these conditions without expressing violence within their homes.
Domestic violence does not just happen in these situations, however. People from the middle-class and upper-class deal with violence as well.
They just do a better job of covering it up, in order to hide the embarrassment, or ruining their public profiles. This is another reason why fewer victims from these classes come forward.

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