8 Common Myths About Domestic Violence

#2 Domestic Violence Should Stay Behind Closed Doors.
Extended family members and friends will oftentimes see evidence of domestic violence that is taking place in a home during a visit. And they do nothing! They have the misconception that it is a private family matter and that it should stay behind closed doors.
When a domestic violence situation is happening right in front of you, it should never be given a blind eye, especially if something more serious happens to the victim later on down the road.
#3 Most Domestic Violence Isn’t That Serious.
No matter the degree of violence that is taking place behind closed doors, domestic violence should always be taken seriously. It’s an illegal offense in the U.S. and it is considered to be a serious crime that’s punishable by law. Domestic violence, however tiny it may seem, if left unchallenged, will only worsen as time goes by.

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