8 Common Myths About Domestic Violence

Part 5:
#8. It’s Easy for a Victim to Escape From an Abusive Relationship

From an outside perspective, it might seem easy for a victim in an abusive situation to get out or seek help. But fear has a crippling effect on a victim, keeping their mind chained to their situation and immobilizing them from any attempt, or thought of escape.
They’re wrestling with the fear of the unknown. Fear of not making it financially without their partner. Fear of being discovered by the abuser they’ve tried to escape. Fear of so many things.
They may have even been threatened by the abuser at one point or another if they ever tried to escape, that they and their children would be put in extreme danger. Once a victim decides to leave the relationship, their situation has become critical, if the abuser sees them leaving, or discovers the victim’s intentions.


It’s easy for individuals that have never been through an experience, to have misconceptions and false presumptions of things that they don’t understand.
We all seem to have our own opinions about everything. Because of this, myths and misinformation can easily spread, which can lead to neglect or a turned-eye, when victims are desperately needing our help.
Do you know of someone, or of a situation that just didn’t sit right with you, where they were helpless? Maybe at this very minute, you may be thinking of someone that’s needing someone else to speak up for them? Don’t sit back and do nothing. Be their voice when they can’t speak up.

Heart 2 Heart Christian Ministries

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